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Using your engineering skills, you help us organizing Swisscom's knowledge graph for
a flagship solution of our Data, Analytics, and AI division.

  • Collaborate with team members to implement highly scalable applications
  • Work with graph data to build and evolve data processing pipelines
  • Analyse data and provide actionable insights

What you do is who we are.

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Fair pay

We provide a fair salary that is in line with the market. Our transparent salary system is based on the achievement of common, uniform goals.

Job location

In this 80 to 100% job you can partly work from home.

You travel up to 20% of your working time within Switzerland.

Flexible working models

We can offer the working model to suit you, whether you're a night owl or morning person and whether you're looking to work full or part time. We also give you the option of purchasing additional days' leave.

Individual training

We support your personal and professional development with a comprehensive programme of internal and external training.

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1/3The team

We are a very international team of software engineers and data scientists in the infrastructure analytics group within the Data, Analytics, and AI division of Swisscom. Our team culture is based on self-organization and team autonomy in a mature agile setting. We make fast decisions and keep our users close. We are data-driven and fact-based. Even our business stakeholders are techies at heart.

2/3The theme

Our mission is to provide Swisscom with smart insight into what is going on in the network. To this end, we are building a knowledge graph based on alerts, events, and other things happening in real-time. We process huge amounts of streaming data. Our goal is to know when things go wrong before they even go wrong. To solve this challenge, we use cutting-edge data science and DevOps technologies.

3/3Skill Check

As Software Engineer in Big Data you enjoy collaborating directly with the people who use what you build and you have excellent coding skills in Java. This is what you bring with you:

Your professional profile
  • Excellent coding skills in Java
  • Skilled in real-time, event-driven, streaming application development (Kafka, ...)
  • Know-how in Python
  • Know-how of API development with RESTful API best practices
  • Solid experience in DevOps, CI/CD, and cloud/monitoring technologies (e.g., Ansible, Prometheus, Grafana, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Artifactory, Bitbucket)
What else sets you apart
  • Fond of graph data modeling and efficient graph algorithms
  • Good English is solid
  • German a plus
  • True problem-solver personality

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