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Within the Data, Analytics and AI division at Swisscom, you ensure the deployability and shipability of our AI-based flagship products and services, including innovative AI-based customer communication.

  • Streamline our delivery process and make our runtime more stable
  • Help build solutions to allow our customers to easily contact Swisscom sales and support, control their TV box, and operate their smart home by voice
  • Working in an open and supportive agile environment

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We provide a fair salary that is in line with the market. Our transparent salary system is based on the achievement of common, uniform goals.

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In this 60 to 100% job you have the possibility to work partly from home.

You travel up to 20% of your working time within Switzerland.

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We can offer the working model to suit you, whether you're a night owl or morning person and whether you're looking to work full or part time. We also give you the option of purchasing additional days' leave.

Individual training

We support your personal and professional development with a comprehensive programme of internal and external training.

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As a t-shaped DevOps engineer, you will be part of our core team. Together with three other agile teams, we build and operate Swisscom's Conversational AI Platform. Our platform provides the foundation for products that help our customers easily contact Swisscom sales and support, control their TV box, and operate their smart home by voice. We build on speech recognition and natural language processing technologies to further the development of our mail, chat and voice bots in customer service and the Swisscom Voice Assistant. This enables our customers to interact with our products and services in a natural and contemporary way.

2/3The theme

You streamline our delivery process and make our runtime more stable. Leveraging your experience, you understand the problems developers face. You help design cloud-based services (heavily focused on AWS) and identify as well as fix possible bottlenecks. In addition, you manage, configure and maintain our infrastructure. Your time is split equally between developing new automation, managing current systems and advising other teams to develop cloud-native applications.

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Your professional profile
  • Solid scripting and software engineering skills in any modern language (Python/Java/Go is a plus) and experience with virtualization and containerization (e.g. Docker)
  • Familiar with cloud technologies like Kubernetes, AWS (primary focus), Azure, or Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • Degree (ETH/Uni/UAS) in IT or ICT, a degree (ETH/Uni/UAS) in a related field is a plus
  • Knowledge of automation software (e.g. Ansible, Jenkins) and proficiency in security engineering (e.g. RBAC, Kerberos, PAM, LDAP) is a plus
  • Experience with agile methodologies (e.g. Kanban, Scrum) 
What else sets you apart
  • Very good written and spoken English
  • German, written and spoken is a plus
  • Experience working as a member of an Agile team is a plus

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Job number: 11263

Scrum Master
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