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You are in charge of user support at a Swiss multinational. In this role, as part of a dynamic team, you handle all user enquiries.

  • Processing and analysis of ICT requests
  • Support and coordination of incident and problem tracking
  • Management of the knowledge database
  • Participation in special projects to support all types of user

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Fair pay

In your role of ICT Supporter in a full-time position (employment level of 100%), you will receive a gross salary of:

CHF 50 - 70K p.a.

Job location

In this 100% job, you work in a team on site.

You do not travel regularly.

Flexible working models

We can offer the working model to suit you, whether you're a night owl or morning person and whether you're looking to work full or part time. We also give you the option of purchasing additional days' leave.

Individual training

We support your personal and professional development with a comprehensive programme of internal and external training.

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You work in a young and dynamic team consisting of several dozen employees spread over different departments (mainly Service Desk and Technical Service). This team is based on the Vevey Campus and aims to satisfy the needs of our client.

2/3The subjects

As part of a team deployed at a client's site in Vevey, you are in charge of user support. Your role is to ensure the good image and quality of service of Swisscom for this client. We therefore rely on your advanced listening skills and your ability to create a customer relationship in order to carry out your mission successfully.

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Your professional profile
  • Technical diploma (FCC) in IT or equivalent diploma, with or without previous experience
  • Ability to use and support basic applications in the Microsoft environment (O365, Windows)
  • Good understanding of incident and request practices (ITIL)
  • Quality objectives in Incident Management
  • Experience in IT support
What else sets you apart
  • A good feel for IT and user support as well as the ability to take the lead and provide quality follow-up
  • Very good English, German and French
  • Initiative-taking and proactive working practices
  • All-round flexibility, focused on client satisfaction
  • Excellent client communication (face-to-face and email) and team spirit

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Job number: 11342

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